In the current economic framework, RDI has become one of the key pillars for the competitive development of the companies, as a strategic factor to facilitate sustainable competitiveness and thus help to enhance the technological level of own and our clients.


GPYO INNOVA uses its know-how to introduce new technology to improve client services and impact on benefits for society.


  • RDI, Projects Feasibility.
  • RDI, Projects Subventions.
  • UNE 166.002. Innovation management.
  • RDI, Tax deductions.
  • Innovative SME.



  • Integral management RDI:

    We help you to define the project, to shape your ideas. We adapt it to the existing credit lines, coordinating the planning and resources. We prepare technical and administrative documentation. We conducted a monitoring and objectives achievement plan. We look for potential partners for your project.



The science, technology and innovation politics are absolutely necessaries for the modern society growth. There is a relation between the capacity of create knowledge and innovate in a country and its competitiveness and social and economical development.



What are the advantages of participate in RDI projects?

  • Rise of the competitiveness

  • Collaborate with other countries entities and international networks.

  • Internationalization of strategies and markets

  • Share risks in investigation and innovation activities.

  • Access to European privileged information and new knowledge.

  • Technological renovation.

  • Improvement of the entity image: visibility and prestige.

  • Privileged funding to innovation and investigation activities.

  • Possibility of face scientific and industrial problems, each time more interrelated and complexes, and the knowledge of where the sector is changing.

  • Opening to new markets.



Why to choose GPYO INNOVA?

  • GPYO INNOVA has a high qualified human team and the modern equipment for the development of their jobs.

  • Continuing our client satisfaction politics, we try to collaborate with him along the project, offering him a quality, global and flexible service.

  • Our huge experience in RDI carries us to innovate in our own business, generating technical and administrative solutions.


  • GPYO INNOVA is aware of the importance of the RDI for the enterprises and especially for SMEs. That is why from Innova Department we are focused in investigation, development and innovation projects of the company. This value is conceded by the Economy Ministery with th PYME INNOVADORA label.


  • GPYO INNOVA has submitted own projects or projects made with different funding entities at different levels:

    • Regional (ADE, Investment Agency of Castilla y León…)

    • National (CDTI, MINECO…)

    • European (7th PM, LIFE, EUROSTARS, H2020…)


  • GPYO INNOVA has also collaborated with Burgos University developing some projects:

    • Simulating deformation processes (Technical services of structural simulation)

    • Simulation of extrusion process using 3D technology.

    • Etc...







CETUCU project: Development of a smart system for the improvement of the efficiency and energetically rate of urban and road tunnels. (Download)


CETUCU is a project fund by CDTI about energetically efficiency of road tunnels. CETUCU consist on a Web application for the energetically rating of the installations of road and urban tunnels. It rates individually and together, the illumination installations, ventilation, installation buildings, transformation centers, energy supply and control centers.



MOSAIC: "Manufacturing of sizable Area and Integrated dye-sensitized solar Cells"


Nowadays, the project EUROSTARS, in which are collaborating companies from Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Denmark and Turkey, is being developed.


The aim of this project is to create the big size module DSSC with an efficiency of 7% and 200 cycle of long time stability (- 40 Celsius ~ 90 Celsius). Together with this module, we also want to offer basic chemical products, including high efficiency organic colorants for the double dyeing system, , Gel type electrolytes assured stability, various pastes n-type oxide, and anti-reflection nanostructures, which will significantly increase the cost reduction and long term stability of the DSSC.


Project in development: EFENTUCU

EFENTUCU: "Software that simulate improvements in road and urban tunnels"


CDTI and FEDER have trust in our innovation ability supporting our project, EFENTUCU. The main goal of this project is to create a software prototype that simulate and improve energetically urban and road tunnels.