The INTERNALIZATION define our competitiveness level. We consider it a key factor to improve our knowledge and our innovative capacity. That is why we have experience in Latin America since 2010 in Lima (Peru) with headquarter and our own offices.


Our consulting services are oriented towards:


  • Pre-investment and investment engineering studies.
  • Supervision of studies and works.
  • Construction and engineering project management.



You can find us in:

Los Flamencos 145, Office 201
San Isidro - Lima 27 (PERÚ)



We also work with:




  • Our technical knowledge, experience, expertise and know-how. Our human capital.
  • Our service quality and differentiation. Innovation.
  • National valid references in destination countries (Apostille)
  • Local partners and collaboration agreements for joint participation.
  • Our staff in destination. Branch establishment in Lima (Peru).



The international economic environment is characterized by increasingly dynamism and globalization. Today, trends such as the growing interdependence among countries, regional blocs, the economic crisis in the West, the rise of emerging economies in Asia and especially Latin America and the amazing technological advances in different sectors, form a global environment even more competitive and changing.


The phenomena of markets globalization and companies’ internationalization have increased, resulting indispensable for them to have a cosmopolitan and international vision of the economic activity and rethink economic concepts and strategies in a very open economy model.


In this context, the unavoidable internationalization question of GPYO INNOVA arose some years ago.
After several stages, has led us to settle in Lima (Peru) with our own headquarters and offices, where we already have a stable business center for Latin America.